Welcome to Pinball Bash!  

The purpose of this site is to form a community to support  Pinball and Video Game collectors in the SC/NC states and other nearby areas. Here you'll find a variety of resources that will aid you in finding games, supplies and services in your area. Let's face it, with the size of these machines its really difficult to buy, sell or trade equipment outside of the general region. Pinball Bash is here to help local collectors find local resources.

Our most valuable resource is our community. I encourage new users to stop by our Local Message Forum and introduce yourself. We have an active community of local collectors that are available to offer support, advice and sometimes a deal or two. And of course, everything works in reverse as well.. looking to sell a machine locally? Post it here, chances are you can close a deal without messing about with expensive shipping options.

Want to show off your collection or have photos on line of your games for sale?  Check out the Pinball Bash Photo Album.  Feel free to register and start your on line photo album, or just browse photos from other collectors in the area.

This site is VERY new and will be under constant tweaking.  If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see added, or ways to make getting around this site easier, feel free to shoot me an email at Dave@tbas2k.com.  This is a community website, so your input is valued.                  

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There currently aren't any bashes in place.  Who wants to host the next event?  Please post in the forum section if you want to host and see what dates are good.